Who Is The Fitness Studio Mentor?

Hi, I’m Luke.

Glad you found your way here.

With nearly 10 years experience running my own fitness business, my focus now is on helping other fitness business owners grow their business…

Specifically, how to grow to £20k+ per month by creating the systems and structure for your business to run and grow, with or without you.

Since launching my first fitness studio in 2014, I’ve since grown to two private gyms generating multiple six-figures in revenue with a team of 8 fantastic PT’s.

As someone heavily left-brained, turns out I’m pretty good at systemising and business strategy. And most importantly, how to help others do this in their business with ease and simplicity.

If you’re interested, you can take a look at my fitness business website here. (Oh, and we’re not big on social media so you won’t find much there).

So, if you’re fed up being unable to grow your fitness business because you’re burned out and doing everything yourself? The manifesto I’ve created would be a great place to start.

Feel free to connect with me over on Facebook and LinkedIn too.