Part 1:

“The Struggle Of The Solopreneur”

Would you like to take more time off from your fitness business while still being able to make more money?

That’s the dream for most fitness studio owners.

Yet for the majority, it will, unfortunately, remain just that – a dream.

A quick visit to any of the fitness marketing groups on Facebook will confirm that…

With most fitness studio owners complaining of being too busy with no time to devote to growing their business.

And being unable to take any time off without losing income.

Take Simon, for example…

Like me, Simon owns a personal training business.

Simon is always fully booked and his business pulls in around £4k every month, consistently.

You could assume everything was going great for Simon…

But you’d be wrong.

Because while his business is “doing well”, he’s miserable…

Exhausted because he’s working all day, every day and rarely seeing his family or friends.

Stressed & overwhelmed because he’s so busy and never gets through his “to-do” list.

Frustrated because he can’t take any time off from his business without losing income.

A far cry from the lifestyle business he wants so he can spend more time with his family and travel while still earning good money.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for close to ten years.

The last five of those I’ve been running multiple small, but highly profitable, fitness studios.

So I’ve been around long enough to understand where Simon went ‘wrong’.

And how he ended up miserable despite having a profitable business and making a good living…

Because just like many other fitness studio owners, Simon was running his business completely on his own.

What’s commonly referred to as a ‘solopreneur’:

-A person who sets up and runs a business on their own

If you’re like Simon and running your fitness business as a solopreneur? Your business is 100% reliant on you.

So you can’t take any time off without losing income…

And the income you do earn will be directly related to how many client sessions you deliver.

In other words, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

And if, like Simon, you also have a goal of taking more time off to spend with your family while still making good money?

Well, that’s never going to happen. Nothing but a pipe dream.

Because as the author and small business expert Michael E. Gerber mentions in his multi-million-copy selling book, The E-Myth Revisited:

“If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job”.

If you’re solopreneur, you have a job. That’s the bottom line.

Sure, it’s a job you ‘own’ because it’s your business…

But it’s a job nonetheless because you only get paid for the work you do.

The opposite of the solopreneur is the entrepreneur.

And while solopreneurs set up and run a business on their own…

An entrepreneur sets up their business so it can run (and grow) without them.

So they can make money regardless of how much active work they do.

In other words, they have created a fitness business that can deliver personal training services without their direct involvement.

Making this same shift in my own fitness business helped me go from a burned-out solopreneur just like Simon…

To now running two private gyms generating multiple six-figures in revenue that can run and grow without me, practically on autopilot.

And I’m going to use my own experience making this shift to help you do the same in your business.

Why? Simply because I know how tough it is and the impact it has across every area of your life when you’re a burned-out solopreneur.

But while fitness business mentors are dime a dozen these days (even though many of them have never actually had their own fitness business!)…

Hardly any of them are teaching these concepts.

Most are only teaching the ‘sexy’ stuff – sales and marketing – which isn’t going to get you out of the solopreneur trap any time soon.

And while I’m definitely not a “social influencer”, and you’ve probably never heard of me before today…

I’m one of the few who does teach this stuff, and actually have the ‘real world’ experience and results to back it up.

So if you’re ready to discover the truth about what it takes to build a fitness business that can give you the lifestyle and income you deserve?

Click the continue button below and let’s dig in…




  1. Most fitness studio owners struggle with stress, exhaustion and burn out because they’re running their business as a solopreneur.
  2. As a solopreneur you have a job because you only get paid for the active work you do – your business is 100% reliant on you.
  3. Making the shift from ‘solopreneur’ to ‘entrepreneur’ is the first step towards time and financial freedom.